HOW TO FIND A JOB IN USA - Full Time or Part Time

How to prepare yourself and get a job in the USA

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Welcome to my blog. Today I'm going to write about what you needed to do to prepare yourself to come here in the United States for employment purposes. Before we start just remember guys that success is not a matter of luck. If you have prepared yourself and you meet the opportunity that's what I call success. So prepare yourself with this important information.  You can come here in the United States. There are lots of opportunities. Such as you can get a permanent work visa in USA, you can get part-time job in USA. If you are a student you have opportunities to get part-time jobs in USA. There are lots of part time jobs in USA for students. As a student in the very beginning you can take a part time jobs in USA. So that you can achieve experience and gather knowledge. I am going to talk about some key point about How to prepare yourself and get a job in the USA.


Number one: Expand your network make an inventory of all the persons, you know are living or working here in the United States. They could be your relatives, your cousin's, your neighbors, your aunts uncles, classmates, former colleagues everyone you know that are currently here in the United States. It doesn't mean that they can help you find a job. Here but they have information that can help you find a job that you are looking for. write down their names the city or state where they live their family situation whether they are single or married or have children the reason is that try to keep in touch with them. Long before you have plans or intentions of coming here in the United States. Because you'll never know what information they have what connections they have and what kind of help they can assist you in the future. Be good don't burn the bridges. Keep in touch with them like let's say c'mon stop oh, how are you today, how are you how are you doing. I can attest to you that those connections that you have made in the past are the ones who are going to help you in the future. There is a strong band from people that we have met in the past like classmates in Hal college elementary high school or colleagues from work. So it's important that you always keep in touch with them and make sure that you don't always ask favors from them, Reason is that you will never know what the future holds for each one of us. So make sure that you keep in touch with your connections and don't burn bridges.


Number two: You need to have at least a bachelor's degree in your field to come here in the United States. Although there are some jobs or employment opportunities that do not require a bachelor's degree. They are based on skills. But if you want to get to higher-ranking positions here in the United States you need to have at least a bachelor's degree.


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Number three: Create a LinkedIn account. If you haven't done, so please create your own personal LinkedIn account. A LinkedIn account is a social network for professionals. Even if you're only a student you can create a free profile and add all your education information, interests and volunteer opportunities or other extracurricular activities. Start connecting on LinkedIn account if you have other friends who have a LinkedIn account, tell them that you have created one and you wanted to connect with them. Also there are a lot of recruiters who are based here in the United States. That are that they have their own LinkedIn account and some of them are getting talents from LinkedIn. So it's important that you update it or make it look professional and start connecting. There are certain industries here in the United States that are always in demand first technology industry, second healthcare industry and third those who are in education.


Number four: Work with large recruiters. I cannot emphasize that you needed to work directly with a recruiter as employer. Here in the United States cannot directly hire you. There should be a middleman who will process all your documentation. So make sure that you only work with licensed large recruiters. You can go and see the current job openings here in the United States that are posted by recruiters.


Number five: Learn how to drive I cannot emphasize the importance of driving. It's a lifetime skill that you can learn. No one is born to learn driving immediately in their younger year. So you can learn to drive at any age. You can enroll in a driving school and make sure that you acquire that skill before coming here in the United States. I can attest you that the roads here in the United States are bigger and we follow traffic rules. It is safer to drive here but if you have already learned how to drive.


Number six: Improve your communication skills. It's a known fact that have a good speaking English skills compared to other nationals in the world. So you already have that advantage. I don't think I needed to expound on that but when you come here you don't really need to speak perfect English. But something that is clear and understandable from other people's perspective you.

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